Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Puppy Love

Howie was talking to one of his co-workers not long ago and casually mentioned something about Bubba and his speech issues. The co-worker said that his fiance is studying to be a special education teacher and offered up her services. You know, so she could use Bubba as a guinea pig and Bubba could get a little extra speech therapy during the summer months.

She started coming over every Tuesday about a month ago and Bubba fell in LOVE. He was shy during the first visit but quickly warmed up to her. Today was their fourth visit. I had dropped off Bear and Bubba at Mamaw's house this morning and took Biride with me to the Y. She likes to play with the kids in the child watch area. I would take all of them but the last three times I tried, the care worker had to bring Bear to me in the middle of my work-out because she was crying so hard and attempting to slit her wrists with a plastic saw.

So anyway, after the work-out and lunch at Mamaw's, I told Bubba that we had to go home. He whined and cried and said he didn't want to leave. That was until I told him we were leaving because Miss Ally was coming over. I know he likes her so I never say her name in a normal tone I always mockingly say it's Miss Aaaaaaaally while fluttering my eyelashes. What? I have to get my kicks somewhere. So anyway, his eyes widened and glossed over. He picked himself up off the floor where he had been writhing in a pathetic display of defiance and quickly put on his sandals and stood by the door.

When she pulled in the driveway, he ran through the house and stood impatiently at the door for her to come up the walk way. He was jumping up and down and flexing his muscles. I knew he needed to pee so I took him to the potty where he did his business in record time and didn't even ask for his Spiderman treats! While she was here it was as if the world did not exist outside of the two of them. Usually he is easily distracted by, well...anything, but not while Ally was here. Nope. We ate his favorite snacks, watched cartoons and made noise all around him but all he could see was her. When she told him that it was time for her to leave he started crying. It took both me and Howie to yank him from her ankles and distract him. I told him he should play hard to get but he's completely love struck!

When she left he ran to the family room and pressed his forehead against the window so he could watch her walk to her car. I was totally expecting him to put his hand on the window and scream her name as she drove away, but he kept his cool. He did not move until her car had gone down the driveway, turned onto the street and moved out of his line of sight. I have NEVER seen Bubba act like that around anyone and while I'm thrilled that he loves his teacher so much, it kind of makes me jealous :(

It's his first little crush and it's the cutest thing. I think Howie's co-worker should totally be worried about the extra competition over his fiance. Because Bubba is the silent type but he sure can dazzle the ladies!

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