Saturday, December 27, 2008


So, do you remember when a few days ago I said that I was going to start reading the book "Twilight" and then give you a review of it?

Well, I finished it. I was hooked so I called a friend and begged her to loan me "New Moon", the next book in the saga. And then I gobbled it up like a starving dog in a kibble factory. When I finished that one, I swiftly started looking for the next book, "Eclipse". I nearly had a mental break-down in Target when I found that they were sold out.

Luckily, I found a copy at Stop-N-Shop. I literally started jumping up and down when I saw the book. I paused momentarily to look over each shoulder and judge whether there was any competition around me and then I catapulted through the aisle at break-neck speed and flung myself at the book, using my body as a shield. I wanted to divert anyone who might have the villainous idea of taking my book; my sweet, precious book. Then I banqueted on it, sucking on my fingers when I closed the finished hardcover. I finished off my glutenous feast by inhaling "Breaking Dawn." It was a Christmas present from Howie. It's a good thing that Christmas came when it did or else I might have started foaming at the mouth. I finished the last two books, all 1300 odd pages of them, in only 8 days. I'm still licking my lips although the button on my jeans just popped off and went shooting across the room, shattering our front window.

I'm already going through withdrawal and my eyes are starting to twitch although that could be easily explained. After all, I did read nearly a foot worth of pages by dim lamp light!

If you can't tell already, I loved it. I really didn't think I would, honestly. I thought that people were making it out to be much more than it possibly could be. Now, I'm not saying that it's a masterpiece of literature but I swear (cross my warm, sweet smelling, throbbing human heart) that I don't regret a second of those late nights and I won't even balk if my sight never completely recovers.

I don't want to ruin anything for you if you haven't read it but I would highly recommend all four books. My favorites were "New Moon" and "Breaking Dawn." In fact, when I was reading those books my family suffered great neglect. My kids didn't get a bath for THREE DAYS and when Howie tried to make a move I said, "so long as it's a position where I don't have to put down the book."

The books read very quickly. And easily. The stories are real yet laced with mythology and fairy tales. The descriptions are simple, yet vivid and it's nearly impossible to not be empathetic with the characters. They made me laugh and cry. They made me happy, frustrated, angry and exhilarated. They are full of action and while the first book was a little mushy, the rest of the series was geared perfectly for men and women alike. Even Howie was thrilled at the story as I updated him after each book.

So if you're hungry for a good book, set yourself a place at the table of this saga. Just be prepared to never get enough.


  1. Do you SWEAR to me it gets better?
    Cuz I read Twilight and it was salright. Nothing there that would make me shell out for a hardback edition - whereas I don't think twice about shelling out for the latest Janet Evanovich (which reminds me...)...well, ok I DO think twice but it's only to wonder if my mother already bought it and could I just borrow hers.
    Anyway, like I was sayin.
    You swear to me this gets better?

  2. Of all of the books, Twilight was my least favorite, although it's what got me hooked. So yes, I would say without a doubt it got better!

  3. I'm intrigued. I have some Christmas money and I am going to Border's for something else. What section would it be in?

  4. I would guess the "young adult" or "fiction" sections. Or you could just cut to the chase and say, "yo, twilight" to the first person you saw and I'm sure they would point you in the right direction.

    You'll have to let me know what you think!

  5. I am on the wait list for the first two books. I suppose I should add the others too, considering I am pretty far back in line! If I won't shell out money for Janet E, I surely won't for these either! :-)

  6. I'm with ya. I don't typically re-read the books enough to make they worth buying. I borrowed all but the last two. I will definitely re-read the last one but I wish I wouldn't have shelled out money for "Eclipse".

  7. That reminds me...are they only in hardback? I strictly read paperback. You can say it - I'm cheap, even with other people's money. lol!

  8. The first two books are in paperback. The last two are in hardcover but you can get them for under $15.00 on Amazon (or sometimes even Wal-Mart).

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  10. Do you remember me telling you that I listened to books on disc at work? (and by the way...I'VE MISSED YOU!!!)
    ...anyway, my friend said "you have to listen to this book"...when she told me a bit about it, I was like "yeah, ok, sure thing chick!"...but I found myself without anything to listen to one night, and BOOM~ I was immediately hooked. It was like I had found crack or something. When "Breaking Dawn" came out, I went to WalMart after work and got it....I started reading in the car (before driving of course!)...and didn't sleep or bathe until I had finished every single word!
    We stood in line like a bunch of teenagers to watch the movie...the most fun I've had in forever.
    I got the first three (hard cover) books for my birthday.

    I totally recommend the audio books for working out or walking! Time just flies.....


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