Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Have A Hot Ass

Brrrrrr. It's friggin' cold out there! Granted, it's warmer than yesterday but daaaamn. Oklahoma girls were simply not built to endure the New England winters! Tornadoes I can handle. Frigid winters...not so much.

And the cold seems to be affecting me more now that I am getting older *cracks neck*. I used to be able to throw on a coat and frolick in the cold weater until my fingers went numb and my nose fell off. Now, I necessitate a coat, gloves, scarf, warm pants, thick socks and boots. All of that, just to open the door to let the cat in. If I don't, I get a chill and my body's reaction is not as simple as some stiff nipples and a shiver. I literally feel pain down into my muscles and bones.

Mamaw says this is what happens when you get old *pops a tums*. I used to think that old people retired to Florida because of it's sandy beaches and clear ocean waters. Now I know it's because their frail old bodies can't withstand the temperature to drop below 80 degrees without their joints locking.

In the meantime I will bundle up. Well, until tomorrow when the weather is supposed to be back up in the 60's. I swear the weather is bi-polar. One day the sun in shining and you're wearing a t-shirt and capris and the next day you have to wear your snow suits and cover your face to make it from your car to your front door. I actually turned on my seat warmers in the mini-van today. Toasty! You know what that means, right? It means that I have a really hot ass. Literally!

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  1. Seat warmers!!!! Now THAT is an option I wish the Mommymobile had! Way better than an automatic sliding door!

    Going to dip down to 8 degrees again tonight, brrr! I hear you on the aches. My hips and knees are protesting the chill as well.


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