Friday, December 12, 2008

The Snack That Smiles Back

Birdie decided that since we won't buy her an actual goldfish (she has two betas) she was going to make her own! Then, she put them in a big glass bowl and swirled them around.

Nothing like the taste of permanent marker to go with the crunch of a goldfish! It gives it that nice industrial flavor.

This reminds me of that episode on "Friends" where Chandler's psycho roommate gets a "pet fish" and puts it in a giant fish tank. When Chandler goes to look at it he realizes it's a goldfish cracker.


  1. that's fun. your kids are very quirky. i like that!!

  2. LOL! Very cute :-)

    I remember that episode of Friends - I immeduiately thought of it when I saw the picture.

  3. Too funny! Then again, my kids think you play with chickens like you do dogs.


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