Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Like A Lion

We got pummeled with yet another storm yesterday although it was nowhere near the blizzard conditions predicted by our weather-casters. According to them the storm should have started at 6 pm on Sunday but that didn't happen. Then they said that the sky was going to open up and mountains of the white stuff would be dumped all over us for a full 24 hour period. That didn't happen either. It was supposed to be the "biggest storm we've had all year" but it fizzled. Is it sad that it snowed like 10 inches and I consider that a fizzle? I think that because of the constant kick in the teeth that winter has delivered this year, I am slightly jaded.

Not that I'm complaining because less snow means less mess. Well, I AM complaining about the apocalyptic weather people with their erroneous predictions. Because it causes mass hysteria and people to do paranoid things like running to the supermarket and buying up twelve gallons of milk and 20 loaves of bread.

I went to the supermarket but only because it was our normal supermarket day. And as terrifying as the storm sounded, I was pretty confident that we could survive on one gallon of milk and one loaf of bread until the jaws of life made it to our house to pry us out of our winter prison.

On the plus side, Howie didn't go to work and because the YMCA was closed, I didn't have to work at the child watch. And of course, the children didn't have school. Theoretically, because of all the school the kids have missed thus far, they will be making up snow days through sometime in August. Between the snow days and the regularly scheduled vacations, my kids seem to only go to school like one week out of the month.

Today, the kids have a two hour school delay. Howie is still home but he's planning on going in after he works on the drive-way which should prove much more difficult after yesterday's fiasco. The guy who normally does our drive-way (Luis) came over and snow blowed and shoveled. Then he borrowed the snow blower, shovel and gloves so that he could go make some money. He came back two hours later with a broken snow blower, the handle ripped off the shovel and holes burned through Howie's gloves. Howie was like, "dude, the only way this would be okay is if someone tried to set you on fire so in self defense you hit them over the head with the shovel and accidentally got it stuck in the snow blower blades. " He won't be borrowing anything again. Because even though they are in dire financial straights and we'd like to help out, it's clear that he doesn't have much respect for other people's property.

Howie definitely got punished for that good deed. He's now outside shoveling the drive-way with holey gloves and a broken shovel. And if you know us or have seen pictures of our drive-way, you understand that he's in for a rough morning!

Lets hope that since March came in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb. Because spring cannot get here soon enough!!!


  1. I can't believe that guy broke your stuff! Boo!

  2. We got 8 1/2 inches and you would think it was the coming of Christ...seriously. People drive me bonkers.

  3. Sorry your stuff came back broken. That sucks.

    I remember promises of an impending "blizzard" when we lived in D.C. We stopped at the grocery store the night before to get some yeast. It looked like a hurricane hit. ALL the bread was gone (even the stuff no one likes). It was CRAZY! It snowed...but it all melted by noon the next day.

    People in D.C. do snow storms up seriously crazy. ;)

    Look at it this way - year round school. ;)

  4. Weather forecasters here have a 2nd job - being Drama Queens/Kings. If they predict a 1/2 inch of rain, we're under a "Stormwatch!"

  5. Screw winter and spring! Let's just jump into summer! The kids will be in school all summer to make up for snow days!

  6. Heather- I know! And it wasn't like he was really apologetic either!!

    Just a Chic- I know! I live in Connecticut, CONNECTICUT! People around here,especially those who have lived here their entire lives, should be familiar with New England winters. Even the worst storms are cleared away within a day or two. And what? Do they not keep more than a half gallon of milk and the ends of a bread bag in stock??

    Claudia-I will at least give DC more credit than New England because while they still know snow, they don't know snow like N.E. but still. People are crazy animals! I would be fine with year round school if we could get some kind of routine going!!

    JJ- Some people don't know storms. When I lived in Oklahoma they would tell us that it was going to be "windy" when we were expecting and F5 tornado. For those of you that don't know, an F5 will rip the skin from your body!

    Missy-I don't know about that...summer's around here are 90 degrees with 100% humidity. I just want a break from nasty weather whether it's cold or hot!


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