Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You Can't Fix Stupid

I had the news playing in the background this morning while I was simultaneously packing school lunches and washing dishes when I heard a news story about a woman who claimed her identity had been stolen on Facebook.

*record scratch*

My antennae perked up and I began to listen. Because I am on Facebook everyday and definitely don't want my identity stolen. I barely know who I am as it is!

The woman said that she had received an email from somebody asking her for personal information. At this point, a few red flags should have been flying high. But apparently, this woman has a lack of common sense so she gave it to them. It did not specify what kind of information but since this person already had her full name, they most likely asked for a password and a few more intimate tidbits. If someone asked me for my password I would laugh in their faces. Then I'd pat them on the head and say, "you're so cute when you're stupid." Even Howie doesn't have my passwords! But she gave them her information.

They took over her account and using her identity, started emailing her friends, asking them to wire some money because "she" was supposedly stuck in London and all of "her" money had been stolen.

Is it just me or does that not SCREAM scam to you?

She lost my sympathy at "I gave them some personal information". I mean seriously, how can she sit here and bitch and moan that someone stole her Facebook account when she pretty much handed it over to them wrapped in a pretty red bow?

That would be like me leaving my car in the middle of the ghetto with the keys in the ignition and a sign that says, "please take my car" hanging in the dashboard. And then, having the audacity to be all, "they STOLE my car, I can't believe they STOLE my car, I've been violated!"

Well, yeaaah!

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  1. Did you hear this moring about the woman in FLA who called 911 three times becasue MacDonald's was out of Chicken Nuggets and they asked her to pick another item from the menu. The cops showed up and arrested her.

  2. I think sterilization should be legal in severe cases such as these.

  3. This is too funny! I don't know if you read this kind of stuff, but the guy at is hilarious! He covered the McNugget story yesterday! He has a post called "Dumb b@#%h of the Day!" It is too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Fran- No I didn't hear that but wow, just wow!

    Jamie- Agreed!

    Aileigh- I am definitely going to check out that website. Thanks for the heads up!

    Sally- I know. I started listening with great concern but ended up laughing and shaking my head!

  5. My aunt sent out an email about how her email acct had been jacked and someone said they were "Stuck" somewhere in Europe and needed money. She laughed and said..for those that would like to send money anyway, just use the same old address you've always had for me. hehehe

  6. Hahahahaha!

    That was hilarious. What a moron.

  7. I had a bogus last name on my Facebook til grade/high school friends found me and complained that I wasn't using my real name.

    On here, and MySpace, I don't give out my last name or city (I'm in the 'burbs) so I'm sure in hell not going to give out my password!

    I hope they through the suit out of court due to her stupidity.

  8. That's awful!!! How do you fall for stupid e-mails like that?? If you don't know about the scammers on the internet, you shouldn't be using it!! LOL I sincerely hope none of her friends were stupid enough to send the money!!!

  9. Jeez! My brain't not working. I meant to say 'throw' not 'through'.

    2nd time it's happened today!

  10. Do you think I can email her and get her SS#?
    I'm not sure why people fall for the scams. I heard about the London scam, but I thought they were targeting older people for that.
    Do you think the bank in Europe reroutes the money to Nigeria?

  11. Dorsey- No kidding. At least your aunt has some good sense in her! And by the way, you can send me money too!

    Randa- Yeah. Not only did she get her identity stolen. Now everyone's laughing at her too!

    JJ- You're SMART! My identity is pretty secure seeing as how my name and none of my children's names are published on here. But I did once have a friend who went on myspace and wrote a comment with my full name in it. I could have killed her!

    Young Mama- Nope, I think her friends were smart enough to keep their cash. But this reminds me of the old people who think they've hit the jackpot when they win the Guatemalan Lottery. Even though they never PLAYED the Guatemalan lotto. I'm telling ya...stupid!

    Claudia- What's sad is that she probably WOULD send it to you! While you're at it, get her checking account number and ask her to send you a copy of her house key.

  12. Nice to know I'm not the only person who doesn't feel badly for people who do dumb stuff like this.

  13. Stupid people should not breed! That is hilarious!

  14. I am new here! What a great blog :)

  15. Its a worry when you think those people are loose on the streets....

  16. People are amazing. I know I just about fell over with the nugget thing. The fact that the news felt obligated to report it as identity theft via Facebook is just as stupid (why not an idiots on parade segment?).

  17. Heather- I definitely lack sympathy for her. I wouldn't go as far as to say that she asked for it, yeah I would say that.

    Missy- She must be the mother of that boy from America's Funniest Videos who jumped off of the roof of his house onto a tree stump.

    Shauna- Welcome!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'll be sure to visit your blog soon!

    Annette- Lose on the streets and driving heavy machinery!

    MM- OMG, I finally heard the nugget story last night on Letterman. Personally, I do think it's a crime for McDonald's to run out of chicken nuggets although it's not as bad as that one time I went to burger king and they said they didn't have any "burgers".


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