Thursday, July 16, 2009

Word Of The Day

Did you know that there is no certain word that means the opposite of "ripe"? I mean, you can use "green" or perhaps "un-ripe" but neither one of those really seems to do the job adequately, do they? I was trying to find just the right word to describe the kind of nectarines that I want because I cannot seem to buy one that is not seconds away from rotting. Seriously, no matter how firm or beautiful they look in the store, they turn to mush within hours of being in my house. I couldn't think of a word off the top of my head so I used the technology at my fingertips to browse through a thesaurus and guess what? NO SUCH WORD. Anyway, apparently, some British dude named James Ellinor, happened upon the same sad truth that there is no word for the opposite of ripe and so he created a strange (and frankly, egocentric) word to be added to the dictionary. The word is "jellinor". Weird right? It's clear that while ol' Jimmy is quite adept at finding mistakes in the dictionary, he's not exactly what I would call "creative" in the word making department.

So next time you are in the supermarket you can seem like a true genius and intellectual when you hold up a melon, tap on it and self-righteously declare, "why I am certainly glad that I checked because this one seems to be rather jellinor and I prefer mine ripe."

Don't worry if people look at you funny and roll their eyes. That just means they are jealous that you know so much.


  1. as my mum says 'you learn something new every day' can't wait to impress with this...

  2. I can't see adding that one to the ole vocab. I had a nectarine rot spontaneously as well. The chickens loved it. I ended up singing to them "we're all eating a rotten nectarine" to the tune of Yellow Submarine.

    Yes, my guys need to come back from camping soon. I am getting a little crazy without even children who can answer me to talk to.


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