Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Bit Of Paranoia

Well, I finally caved and ended up getting my kids vaccinated for the H1N1 flu. Well, Bear got both the seasonal and H1N1 and Bubba got the H1N1. I'm still waiting to get the seasonal for him and Birdie.

I did it because there was an explosion of illness in our schools here in Connecticut. Now, there is probably a lot of paranoia going on and what might be seen as a "flu-like" symptom is actually a normal cold when people are mis-informed, but the fact remains that there is a HUGE population of the school that is sick. There is no question about that. Personally, I don't think we're seeing the brunt of it now. I think we're seeing some colds, some allergies, some viruses and before we know it BAM, we're gonna get hit with the big one and I don't want my kids to already have compromised immune systems because they've been fighting off whatever the heck else has been out there! Most of the time I could care less about my kids picking up a cold or even a stomach virus. Building immunity is a good thing. But this time seems different and I'm not willing to take the chance. Especially since there are ways to reduce the chances of catching it.

Apparently the dose doesn't take effect till a couple of weeks after the vaccine is administered. So we are on lock-down for the next two weeks. Maryn is not allowed to got to the Y or to go to our bible study or birthday parties or even to church. Mostly because those are the places where she is in contact with very small children in small confined spaces. Small children are drippy and sneezy and can't control it so that they sneeze and a stream of snot shoots out of their noses and lands directly across the room and splatters on the wall and then drips down the wall as the slimy stringy snot dangles precariously. And that's a pleasant scenario!

I'm leery of letting her go to pre-school and I'm considering keeping her out of dance for at least a week. I figure it's a small price to pay to keep her from getting sick over the next couple of weeks. After that I will feel much more confident that she is protected. Birdie and Bubba are still going to school. And while they are constantly exposed to stuff, I've taught them to wash their hands, use sanitizer, cover their faces if they cough or sneeze and not touch their faces.

There are no guarantees and if they get something, it won't be the end of the world but I will try my best to keep them healthy. I will spray the house with Lysol and wash things down one more time. I will make sure they take their vitamins and eat healthy meals and get plenty of rest and fluids. I'm stocked up with vitamin C and wet ones.

I really want to keep them in working order. Because as bad as they would feel when they are sick, I would suffer much more having all of them home. Seriously people, all three of them plus Tariku and Chase all day long? It would be more fun for me to have a bad case of swine flu, a dash of ecoli and a flesh eating disease.


  1. I buckled too. I just got the kid their shot yestereday and the seasonal one a week and a half ago. My kids have to go back to get the second H1N1 shot in a month. Fun stuff poor kids are pin cushions!

  2. The good news is that I heard that the H1N1 is a one shot deal. Meaning, once they get the vaccine they never have to get it again. It's not like the seasonal flu that we have to get every year. At least there's a bright side. Sort of :-)

  3. Well...I think Johanna just had it. 5 days of a high fever (101-102) and then part way thru she got a gargly sounding cough. She watched WAY too much TV, ate WAY too little, laid around a lot, and rested. Today (Wed.) she's fine but wiped out. There have already been several confirmed cases at her daycare so what's a mom to do? You're right--wash hands, don't touch your face--but UNLESS there are complications I don't think it's a whole lot worse than the regular flu....and she had the vaccine 10 days ago!

  4. I feel exactly the same way. I've been sneered at about keeping my kids home (and we didn't even have the vaccines) because there were several confirmed cases at my child's school. It's scary stuff! We're supposed to go Nov. 9th for our kids. We're hoping to stay healthy until then!

  5. You did the right thing. This flu is nothing to mess with. We got the vaccine, but it was too late for the boys. That little cough they had turned into 103 fevers. And it lingers. Check out my blog on it. We are a week into this and still no end in sight. Today's fun was fever AND diarrhea.


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