Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Blues

Okay, I'm just gonna go ahead and tell you what a good parent I am and how much time I spent trimming toe nails and filing and polishing.  And how I didn't just polish in any old ordinary color.  No, I polished in a sparkly blue hue that says: "look at me!"

I bet these toes will look good in sandals and will attract a lot of attention and might cause people to run into utility poles when they do their double takes.

Because you see, I'm a good parent like that.  Aren't you impressed?


Those toes you see in that picture? Those sparkly blue digits that scream out for your attention?  They are attached to feet that are attached to legs that are attached to...

This person.

And I was THIS close to the parent of the year award.  Oh well, there's always next year.


  1. SOOOO funny! My son, being that he's the brother of two sisters, also gets his painted...as long as Dad isn't around!

  2. When we were kids, my dad always fell asleep while watching Johnny Carson. Of course, he denied it.

    One night, my 2 oldest brothers thought it'd be funny to paint his toenails. Mom gave them the polish and we almost woke dad up because we were laughing so much. He still denies falling asleep but he could never explain the hot pink painted toenails.

  3. I LOVE that story, JJ!!! We have the same problem with Howie not being able to admit falling asleep. The gears in my head are turning!

  4. Yes! Tariku will be thrilled to know that his friend Carter has painted toe nails too! :)


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