Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Self Restraint

The other day I got a text that said this: "I was going to order two  pizzas for the party.  Do you think that will be enough?"

Pizza.  Yummo!  The only problem was that the text came from a complete stranger.  Who was apparently having a party.  WITH PIZZA! And maybe I should just text back something that says, "remind me again about the party address."

I strained and pondered about who exactly sent the text but was at a loss.  I felt bad leaving them hanging, I were they supposed to know how many pizzas to order.  The success of this party (even though I wasn't invited) rested solely on my shoulders! Maybe I should ignore it? Inquire as to who they are and then ask if I can attend said party?

"That sounds great", I responded.  *smurk*  But it really took a lot of will power, a whole lot of self restraint not to text back: "definitely not enough, order at least a dozen pizzas.  And don't forget the bread sticks, chicken wings and cinammon dippers."


  1. Thats funny, I did not have self restraint when that happened to me. I had to play with it.

  2. i love the way your mind works... :)

  3. When I had my landline, I got a LOT of messages from a beauty salon about cancelled appointments, etc. Apparently, someone had given the wrong number. I never called back so the person probably went to the salon only to be told she couldn't be seen.

    Oh well!


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