Friday, March 30, 2012

Awesome Wall Decals

So guys, I'm so very excited because I found these amazing wall decals by a company called A Great Impression.  Click on the link.  You won't be sorry!  I have a love of wall decals, mostly because I was born short of the gene that gives you decorating talent and I find them so beautiful...and non committal since they are easy to put on and easy to take off.

As the company's name says, they are "inspirational" quotes for everyone!  Here are a couple of my favorites!
I have a space above our front door that is just BEGGING for this decal!

I love all the scriptures they have, a wide assortment of the most amazing ones you always wanted to have! They have decals for every room in the house! Many of them have amazing Christan sayings but they also sell the most adorable decals for children's rooms, decorative elements and even seasonal decals!

I love the idea of putting this one up over a desk.  I imagine myself, four hours into a writing session that has really kicked my butt.  I would look up and see that and it might not be so bad after all!

Here's the good news!  This company has agreed to give me two wall decals! One, I can put on my own walls and show you how amazing it is.  The second is FOR YOU! Oh yes, kids.  You know what that means...GIVEAWAY!

I just got the decals in the mail yesterday so I haven't had time to put them up but you better believe that baby will be strutting itself on my wall within days!  I can't wait to share this with you too.  Please check out the website and let me know what you think, I doubt you will anything but fall in love!


  1. Love the vinyl wall art. I have been trying to decide on something for the living room. It's just too hard to narrow down to just one!! :o)

  2. you won't able to do things last more than a year if you don't love it, either u suffer from what u r doing..


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