Saturday, March 3, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies With a Baseball Bat

Do you know what time it is?  Girl Scout Cookies Time! Girl Scout Cookies With A Baseball Bat.

We're picking up our cookies today.  All four million of them.  This year, I am co-leader of a daisy troop and what that means is that my garage will be stacked to the rafters with boxes of cookies until Monday when we distribute them to our girls.

All except the TWENTY BOXES my husband and I bought between both of our girl scouts.  Twenty boxes people.  Okay, some of those twenty, we donated to be sent to troops overseas but still.  It's gonna be raining trefoils and thin mints up in this joint!

The worst part about the cookies is the delivery and money collection part.  Everyone seems to be home when you take their orders but then can never be found when you come to deliver and collect the money.  It's like Murphy's Law that you sell to a neighbor on the one day out of the month when he's actually at home.  The rest of the month he's MIA. 

Last year we went by to deliver cookies to a neighbor who was never home. Ever.  I seriously considered knocking on his door at 11 pm when their lights finally came on. 

I've got to think of a creative way to get rid of some of the cookies we bought.  We do not need them in this house.  I bet I could donate them somewhere.  But where? At this point, I'd be willing to take a walk down Main Street and hand them out to homeless people!


  1. Your posts crack me up! I just finished our last box of Thin Mints making a second batch of homemade ice cream. I'm fighting the urge to place a second cookie order. Good luck getting rid of your 20 boxes. I'd probably just eat them all. :)

    1. Me and my son ate an entire box of tagalongs. In ten minutes flat :)

  2. I'm so proud that you're a Daisy coleader. I work for Girl Scouts and today is our last day of cookie sales. A few great ways to help sell cookies is to google Girl Scout cookie recipes and then make one with those extra cookies. At a booth sale hand out samples of the recipe. I guarantee people will buy the cookies, when they do give them a copy of the recipe. Come by for some puddin n pie sometime....

  3. Hi Georgie!!! I'm totally loving being a leader. That's mostly because my co-leader is AMAZING! We compliment each other in every way and it just works. I'm so lucky to be partnered with her!

    Plus, I love my girls. They are sweet as sweet can be. We delivered all of the cookies last night and we already have people asking for more so I'm sure we'll be able to get rid of them. But I'm SO gonna go check out the cookie recipes!!!

  4. The nice thing is, Girl Scout cookies sell themselves. I took the order form to work, one of the girls in packing asked if she could take it back to her desk. Next thing I know, I've gotten over 100 boxes sold. I don't even have to ask anyone, once they find I'm selling them, they come to me and ask.

    We're about a month in and are waiting on word from Walmart on when we can do a booth sale there. They did one with popcorn for my son's Cub Scouts and it was very successful. So I would definitely recommend a booth sale.

  5. Jeff, we are totally doing the booth sale route next year. Our Daisies are really young, only 5 years old and we thought it would be a littletoo much for them this year. I agree about the cookies selling themselves. Almost all of our extra boxes are sold already! :)


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