Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Spring

Spring has sprung! As in, nearly 80 degree weather sprung. Like, "whew, I'm glad I put an extra swipe of deodorant on this morning" kind of sprung.

The plants seem confused. The daffodils that are normally blooming in May are in full splendor. The crocuses, dressed in their royal purples, are dazzling the landscapes. We've had an exceptionally warm winter here in Connecticut. This is in stark contrast to the blizzard-like conditions that tormented us last year. And I'm grateful for the bye. It's as if Mother Nature was like, "dude, sorry bout that shitstorm of snow last year, how bout you never have to drag out the snow blower this year and while I'm at it, I' ll throw in an early spring for you!

Normally, we are dressed in snow suits as we search for eggs on Easter Sunday. This year, we may be donned in swim suits and flip flops. The only thing that scares me is whether the hot weather will continue to rise. Like if it's 80 degrees in March, can we expect that by August, the average temperature will hover somewhere around the melting point of heavy metals. Let's hope not!

Even my allergies have been manageable. I'm usually peeing myself daily from all the sneezes when this time of year rolls around. But my itches and sniffles have stayed at bay so far, confused by the weather. I'm lifting up my glass of cheap wine to you and saying, "here's to the sunshine, the yawning and stretching of the trees as they awaken from their winter slumber and to being able to sleep with my windows open without my eyes swelling shut!

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