Friday, March 9, 2012

Jessica Simpson Poses Nude For Elle Magazine

I can already hear it now, the sneering, jeering and heckling over Jessica Simpson's new cover for Elle magazine where she poses nude as a throwback to Demi Moore's cover for Vanity Fair, twenty one years ago.  Go ahead and let that sink in.  When I looked online to find out how long ago that picture was taken I was aghast. It seems like that was like just a few years ago and I'm starting to feel very old!

People will call her fat. People will call it scandalous. Just because.  That's just how the media is.  There's no story if there isn't something scandalous.

I think she looks absolutely beautiful. And I applaud her confidence and bravery to pose nude on the cover of a magazine while she's in her third trimester! Not to mention, knowing in advance that you would be compared to Demi Moore, whose body nobody ever called anything short of spectacular. It was a brave thing for Demi to do TWENTY ONE YEARS AGO (sorry, I just can't seem to believe it's been that long), it's even braver for Jessica.

I've been pregnant three times.  And I remember those third trimesters. If anyone would have suggested to me that I pose nude for the whole world to see and be compared to Demi Moore, that person would have a shoe print on their face and be short a few teeth.

For real, of all the things I felt in those third trimesters; swollen, leaky, sore, achy, happy, excited and exhausted, the one thing I didn't feel was sexy.  My husband said I looked sexy (Because he knows what's good for him).  I just didn't feel that way. Nope, not one bit. So the fact that she can pull up her granny panties and show us how a bountiful baby belly is beautiful, is something to be admired.

Maybe she did it for publicity.  Maybe for money.  Much more likely, she did it to show that pregnant is beautiful. Jessica has done other covers for Elle magazine.  And she's just as beautiful in this phase of life as she was in those.

If I could I would high five her.  As my mom would say, "you go girl!" So tell me, if you're a gal, would you pose for a magazine in the nude while you're in your third trimester? If you're a dude with a beer belly...would you pose nude on the cover of a magazine while clutching your moobies in one hand and your beer belly with the other? :)


  1. I tend to keep my clothes on...just a personal policy I find is best for everyone.

  2. I am probably way too modest to pose nude, but I do think that Jessica looked lovely. I also have several friends who have had photos taken of them (nude) in their third trimester. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

    Ricki Jill


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