Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just A Sneeze

Last weekend we had some fierce wind roll into town.  It came in like a lamb but was roaring a few hours later.

Each of our kids had a friend over for a sleepover that night and all six kids sat huddled in our family room looking at the ceiling and waiting for the wind to blow the roof right off the house. Part of it was genuine fear.  The house was creaking, swaying and thumping.  Part of it was an excuse to stay up just a little longer.  They held out until 11:30.

The roof didn't come off of the house but we did lose some siding.  I was in our bedroom reading when I started to hear a thump that got louder and louder. 

"Babe! What is that noise?" 

"What noise? I don't hear anything." my husband said.

He was wrestling with our clothes line that goes out of our wash room window and attaches to a tree on the other side of the yard.  Earlier, I put sheets and blankets on it and had forgot to take them down.

"I'm sick of this stupid clothes line. I want to rip it out of the house!" It's not that he's opposed to the clothes line.  He's opposed to my leaving things on the line when it rains or snows (or winds).  They get tangled up and then he has  to clean up my messes.  It's the tradeoff we make for my having to follow behind him and turn off lights and close cabinets and doors.

"But it saves us so much money on electricity," I said.

He managed to unhook the line and told me to hold it while he went downstairs to pull the blankets and sheets to safety.

"There is that thumping noise again," I said.

"I think you're hearing things."  He rolled his eyes at me and shook his head.

Turns out I wasn't just hearing things.  The wind had pulled the siding off with such force that it bent the aluminum underneath.  We had a guy come by a couple of days later to fix it because my husband is terrified of heights.  One ring up on a ladder and he starts to tremble.

"Boy that wind was horrible, wasn't it?" said the siding guy.

"It wasn't too bad," I said.

"What are you talking about? I'm replacing sheets of siding on your house!"

"Yeah.  But you've got to understand.  I grew up in Oklahoma.  Where we think an F2 tornado feels 'just a little breezy'.  We don't consider wind to be an issue unless we find our car a few miles away, wrapped like a pretzel around a tree.  Having some siding ripped off the house amounts to nothing more than a sneeze in an Oklahoma girl's wind comparison."

In the wake of all of the twisters that broke out across the country, I count myself as lucky to be fixing a little siding and pray for those whose lives have been torn apart.  Within moments of the first storm, Samaritan's Purse was en route to the devastation, putting themselves in the path of many of the storms.  Thank God for people like this, who run into the frey, doing the work that I so wish I could do.  Some of us can't be there physically to help but that doesn't excuse us from our duty.  If you feel so led, please consider clicking on the SP link above to donate money toward the recovery efforts.

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