Saturday, March 31, 2012

Save A Tree

During the last few days, our neighborhood has been filled with the sounds of rumbling; a grinding noise that made my brain matter reverberate and knock against my skull.

Now, normally I pride myself on keeping to myself.  I try not to be the nosy neighbor who's peeking through the curtains, watching you stand in your grass wearing tube socks and flip flops as you water your lawn.  That's not me.  If you have a heat stroke while you're out there you better hope that I have to leave the house and see you on my way out or that someone else sees you because I will not be watching from a second story window and come running to your rescue..

But there is only so much buzzing a person can take so I broke down and looked through the blinds.

It was a truck that said "SavATree" on the side.  Isn't that sweet?  They're saving trees.  Except, wait, what is that thing attached to the back? Oh sweet son of a tree-hugger, it's a wood chipper.  The trees! The trees are screaming!!  

Save a tree.  Except not that poor tree that just went through the chipper, it's innards shredded to bits.  At any moment,  The Lorax is going to drop from the sky, perch himself on one of our neighborhood stumps and start speaking for the trees!


  1. Isn't that how you get more trees? I always see lots of those tree "eggs" around little trees...


  2. You've got it all wrong. Baby trees happen when a Mama tree and a Daddy love each other very much...


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