Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Dog Loves My Husband

Our dog Cocoa loves my husband.  She starts whining as soon as she hears his truck, which could be miles away.  She waits for him at the door, her back end swinging violently from side to side. I can almost hear her thoughts.

"Is he hear yet? Is he hear yet? Is he hear yet?

As soon as he walks in the door she jumps up at him and demands his attention. She licks his face, she strokes his legs, she follows him everywhere he goes.  When he kisses me, she gets jealous and tries to wedge herself between us as she whines.  She also gives me the stink eye.  I'm almost positive she has it in for me.  She probably keys my car when I'm not looking and stands over me at night holding a pillow.

When my husband sits down she immediately climbs into his lap, lays on his chest and looks up at him lovingly.  Again her thoughts are clear.

"I love you so much. You are the most amazing and wonderful person in the whole world.  Scratch my butt, scratch my butt, scratch my butt."  Sometimes I get jealous that she gets all of his attention.  He used to cuddle with me!

She stares at him adoringly, she tries to tongue kiss him, she licks his feet.  I just don't think I can compete with that! But it did get me to thinking.  There used to be a time when I didn't act so different from Cocoa when my husband came home.  I greeted him energetically.  I offered up a plethora of kisses and adoration.  I sat in his lap and gazed up at him adoringly.  I tongue kissed him.

Admittedly, I never licked his feet.  I love him but pu-leeze!

It's not because I don't feel those things for him anymore.  It's just that over time, those feelings sort of wear down a bit and I don't always have the energy to greet him at the door, wagging my butt.

Still, it begs the question: How better would our relationship be if I put in as much effort as Cocoa?  I'm going to try harder.  Cocoa won't like it but I bet she is easily bribed with peanut butter!

 Does your dog  prefer you or your spouse? Do they ever get jealous when you give each other affection? Do you still put the same amount of energy into your marriage?


  1. I'm just trying to imagine my spouse's reaction if I jumped all over him trying to wag a non-existent tail. Just as well we have cats.

    1. I'm thinking that if I wag my rear end at him he's really going to like it!

  2. This made me laugh so much! I can just picture it!

  3. For real, you'd think that Brad Pitt just entered through our garage door. She does everything except throw her panties at him.


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