Thursday, April 19, 2012

Taking Leviticus Literally

Open Bible with pen
I often struggle with the old testament. The begats make my eyes twitch.  I think the main reason I have so much trouble is because it's hard to relate to so much of what's in it. It's just not always applicable to modern day life.  Give me a letter written by Paul and I'll put my feet up and read for hours but Leviticus? It's painful.

The other day, I was reading chapter 15 which reads like a medical pamphlet. God goes into a great amount of detail in relation to the body when he talks about "discharge", "spit" and  "semen emission."  Most of it is what we'd consider common sense today; keep clean so as not to spread disease.

The part that really caught my eye was about women's monthly periods.  It says here that I shall be considered "unclean" during this period of seven days. And not just that, I must be "set aside" for those seven days, cast away from my community.  At first, I took offense to this.  It's so unfair! God gave me a period but that period makes me dirty and now I have to be cast off, thrown out of my house where I have to be alone, without my children, without doing housework, without...wait.  God might be on to something here!

I highlighted the scripture so that I can present it to my husband, point to it and say, "see...the bible says here that during my period I must leave my home and go out of town and away from all of you for a week, preferably to a five star hotel that offers luxury spa know, to help me get unclean."

If he balks I will point out that he would be making me violate the word of God by preventing me from my vacation, time of being set apart.  "It's right there in the bible, hun."  Being unclean will have never felt so good!


  1. Found your blog recently and it has been a fun "find". Love your viewpoint and especially how your love of God is soooo evident. You inspire me to get back in the word and pursue Him as never before. Thanks for sharing your heart...God's heart. :)

  2. Thanks for reading Deidre. That's good to know, that it shows how much I love God. I like the idea of oozing God.

  3. Wait a mean, I could been taking advantage of this for, like the last 30-some years? Is there anything in Leviticus about this being retroactive? Now excuse me while I start packing...

  4. Right? I should have had an extra week after the birth of each child too! This is what happens when I don't read my bible- I miss out on all kinds of blessings!

  5. This is awesome! I had a mini-celebration because I finished plowing through Leviticus today. Had to stop eating breakfast the morning I read through chapter 14 (on cleansing from infectious skin diseases).


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