Monday, April 2, 2012

World Autism Awareness Day

Today is world autism awareness day.  We celebrate this day because our son Carter, was diagnosed with autism when he was three.  We were watching videos of him last night from back then, when he couldn't speak, when his stimming was so intense that he could barely stop for long enough to eat a meal.

Watching those videos reminded me of what it was like to be behind the camera at that moment, to see him struggling minute to minute and to wonder if he'd ever learn to do something as seemingly simple as speak my name.  I was consumed with fear that he wouldn't.  

At that moment I couldn't begin to imagine what he'd be doing 4 years later, how much he'd grow and change and how much work it would take.  Today he is in 2nd grade and while he still endures struggles that non of his classmates face, he is a success story.  He still has autism but he's a success because he didn't let it stop him.  He's learned to overcome it.

I wanted to reach through the computer screen and grab a hold of my old self and whisper, "he's going to be okay.  I promise, he's going to be okay."

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  1. My brother in law has autism, although it wasn't called that when he was a child, and we're not sure what type of autism he has. My mother in law was told he'd never be able to be independent, but she's a battler, and even though there was no support in that era she never gave up. BIL now has his own car and drivers licence, has a part time job cleaning tables and McDonalds, and is boarding away from home. He still struggles with some social situations, and words and communication is a challenge for him, but he's come a long way even in the time I've known him. You're doing a great job with your son. Never stop believing in him.


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