Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Storing Seasonal Clothes

There are few domestic things more painful then going through all of your children's clothes at the beginning of each season.  I've been putting it off so far but this morning my son dressed himself in a thick, long-sleeved shirt and sweat pants for his field trip.  The weather is confusing.  If you look outside, you notice that it's overcast and rainy which gives the impression that it's cold.  Problem is, it's actually in the 70's with high humidity.  The kind of humidity that when you open your windows for some fresh air, all of the paper in your house immediately goes limp.  And don't even get me started on what it does to your hair!

 If I would have let him go to school like that he would have melted like those guys at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie.  Melted flesh, dripping into puddles.

I don't like to pick the kids' outfits in the morning.  This means two things for me:
1) They get dressed on their own, score one for mommy who now has time to drink a cup of coffee.
2) They always leave the house looking horrific. What's that bitter taste in my coffee? Oh yeah, it's guilt.

I once tried a system where I laid out their clothes every weekend and they still picked what they wanted so I gave up.  That's not a battle I'm willing to forge. And since I'm unwilling to dress them each morning, my best line of defense is to make sure their closets are stocked with acceptable clothes.  This way, they can mix and match all they want but at least they are wearing clothes that are clean, fit, and aren't covered with holes.

The way I know it's time to switch seasonal clothes? All three of them are wearing stained, ripped, dirty sweatpants (in July) that are two sizes too small.

This little endeavor of switching closets can take me hours, days even.  I just went through the girls' closets and I'm now seriously thinking about taking a nap.  Blame it on the rainy day.  I still need to go through the mother of all messes in my son's room. And it just occurred to me that I should do the same in my closet seeing as how there aren't any hangers for my tank tops since my sweatshirts are hogging the space.

Shoot me now.

Can you imagine what it's like to store seasonal clothes in the Duggar house? Holy cow! I can't imagine how much time and effort it takes to go through the clothes of NINETEEN kids (or how ever many are home these days)!  When I think of it like that, my four measly closets don't seem so bad after all!


  1. Oh God I've been shoving all of Ava's fleece pants and shirts in the storage bin, since she tries to wear them even if it's 80 out. Fun fun fun...

  2. My girlfriend who lives next door got asked that famous question by another friend of hers - "What do you do all day." We laughed.

    Yes, I take my blogging breaks as I stare at the pile of laundry, but so what! lol

    I'll eventually get to that chore of packing the "Goodwill bag."

    My girls chose their clothes, too. They have to chose them at night and put anything needing an iron on the ironing board where I will find them the next morning. I HATE making cloting decisions in the morning. I have nightmares of pulling something out of the laudry hamper. No more of that!

    1. It can totally ruin a morning for sure. I help my youngest choose at night too. The other two are on their own, wrinkles included :)

  3. I think "choose" is the word I was supposed to be saying. lol

  4. The advantages of a school uniform I guess. (our school uniform is trackpants and a sweatshirt with the school logo screenprinted on it for winter, then shorts and a logo-ed polo shirt for summer.)

  5. I wonder if my kids would buy it if I told them that their school requires them and ONLY them to wear uniforms? Haaaaa


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