Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fun At Exit Zero

We took the kids to Cape May, NJ for a few weeks days.

Have to say, liked it a whole lot more than Cape Cod! There were far more fun things to do in Cape May.  Plus, it's affordable, the beaches are the stuff of fantasy, the people are friendly and believe it or not, the traffic was better on the George Washington Bridge than on the Sagamore.

We got lucky, snagging a great deal ($100 off a night) for a beach front suite. (view from our room)

 We enjoyed the easy access to the beach.  Ah, the beach...the sand in Cape May is so soft it feels like baby powder and our kids, who normally lose interest after a few minutes, played in it for hours!

I could sit and watch the water all day long.  The sound of it is like a lullaby.  The waves lapped gently, one day, kissing our feet as we walked the shore.  But on another day they were raging, sneaking up and soaking us from head to toe.

One wave took my husband by surprise, knocked him over and stole his lunch money.  Turns out the Atlantic Ocean is kind of a bully and will punch you in the face and steal your eye glasses if you're not paying attention!

We also spent some time at Wildwood; walking the boardwalk, enjoying the many beachfront amusement parks, eating cotton candy, playing arcade games and soaking in the sun!

I think we've officially decided as a family that we will definitely be returning to exit Zero again next year and stay a little longer next time!  What's not to love about 6 person bicycles, salt water taffy, fresh seafood, sunshine, gorgeous beaches and roller coasters. Oh yeah, and a new family hermit crab named Herman (Hermie for short).

I don't remember which one of you suggested Wildwood NJ as a great family vacation spot a few months ago but I thank you so much! We had a blast! And I have the sunburn to prove it! :)

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