Saturday, June 2, 2012

Links Of The Week

Today is my birthday!!! Happy Birthday To Me :) I'm 37 years old and I'm so happy about that.  Because I actually forgot how old I was and thought I was going to be 38 today and then remembered that I'm only 37 and now I feel like a spring chicken. :)

I'm sort of taking the day off but I thought I'd share my favorite links of the week today.  There's not that many cause I haven't really been on the net that much this week (I've been slacking by doing the laundry and weeding the yard.)

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

1.  Kids say the darnedest things.  Apparently, they write the darnedest things on their test papers too.  Here are some hilariously awesome incorrect test answers from kids.

2.  Photorealism is a style of art (painting) wherein the artist attempts to create an image that is strikingly similar to real life.  These photos by Robert Bernardi are nothing short of amazing.  No, these aren't digital pictures, they are paintings that will make your jaw drop!


  1. Happy Birthday! Let's here it for 37! I turned 37 just two months ago. :)
    Tina at


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