Thursday, June 14, 2012

Poem For A Rainy Day

The sun never woke up this morning.  He lazied around in his bed and flung the fluffy clouds up over his body.  He hit the snooze button on his alarm and drifted back into a dream.

The sky is sad, she is crying.  Sometimes she weeps in big thundering sobs and her tears fall so quickly they leave puddles.  All of the weeping makes the flowers droop in empathy.

Sun is still asleep, spending the day in the company of his friend, the Sandman.  Nothing seems to wake him from his slumber.

The sky's sobs turn to sniffles.  She is still crying but only in a subtle mist now.  When she opens her lovely eyes, they are swollen and can barely see through the fog.

The air is heavy and she is unable to breathe.  The grayness makes her numb.  Her happiness has been swept away in the rain.  She cannot be consoled.

Oh sun, please wake up! The day misses you so! She longs for your warm kisses to dry her face.  You mustn't sleep for long.

I hope that tomorrow you will be rested and greet us with a colorful smile.  And the sky will stop grieving your absence.


  1. This ain't no poem, it doesn't even rhyme!
    Seriously, it's beautiful...perfect!

  2. Thanks! Mamaw said the same thing! Haaaa I love rhyming poems but I've never liked writing them. Probably cause I'm no good at it!

  3. What a lovely poem.


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